People Counting System

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Optimize Your Facility Operations and Visitor Experience

The people counting system tracks and manages incoming visitor traffic in a given area by using emerging intelligent algorithms. Providing detailed statistics on the daily flow of people, such as how many people enter or leave the monitored zone. This will serve purposes such as helping you see how many visitors come in during peak or off-peak hours, thereby assisting you in optimizing the layout of the space.

Why People Counting System ?

  • performance
    Optimize Performance

    Through the management platform check daily flow statistics. Knowing your peak times or lowest-performing hours could help optimize operation decisions.

  • maintenance
    Centralized Management

    The system user can add more camera devices without having to manage each of the devices individually. The settings of all devices can be remote managed.

  • safe
    Prevent Virus Infection

    Keeping an eye on the number of people present and thus limiting extra people from entering to comply with new rules for public safety under the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • dashboard_management
    User-Friendly Interface

    With the help of a graphical management platform and timely data presentation, users will be able to intuitively understand the information.

  • friendly
    Improve Service Quality

    Each person's journey in the facility can be tracked to identify the high traffic areas. Through this data to predict which times and areas demand staff.

  • administrator
    Optimal Allocation

    The people count data can show when your facility is busy and when it is not, the owners can schedule staff according to actual need to reduce labor costs.

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    Providing real-time statistics on the system usage that help you grasp the immediate status.

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    Compatible with GIGABYTE SBC Fanless Chassis. It can run neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection.

You May Be Curious

【FAQ】- What is people counting system ?
The people counting system tracks the number of people that enter an area during the time that you specify. It can translate metrics into business value indicators for integrated analysis, and maximize management efficiency.
【FAQ】- How people counting system work ?
The people counting system collects data on the numbers of people and activities through cameras. We provide an easy to use graphical platform, which can filter this data and quickly show the information so that you can gain deeper insights to make decisions.
【FAQ】- How will people counting system benefit my business or organization ?
The people counting system can automatically detect the data of the flow of people in and out to achieve statistical analysis of the number of visitors at the entrance of any place. The system records the hour-by-hour distribution of people over the course of the day, you can check daily flow statistics to know how many people come in during peak or off-peak hours. This helps you better understand how to optimize operations and visitor experience in the future.

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